Green on Gray Project   



ART FOR EVOLUTION provides education about solutions to environmental problems and safe alternatives to threats to the environment through the first Project: GREEN on GRAY (G.O.G)

The GREEN ON GRAY PROJECT created by Analia Bordenave promotes environmental awareness and actions to ensure that a broad audience can be involved in making the cultural shifts needed to move urban communities toward sustainability.

The GOG PROJECT use art initiatives to involve the public in creative forms of activism, helping them to bring about positive environmental change in a unique and interactive way: “the participatory art.”

"Our Green Mark"


By Analia Bordenave






ART FOR EVOLUTION proposes a compromise to the community and businesses to reduce 1 Million tons of CO2 per year with the creation of the first environmental interactive event in Miami.

The "GREEN on GRAY Multisensory Experience Fest" is a multisensorial interactive event to generate environmental awareness through seven topics that engage the five senses of your attendees.

The "GREEN on GRAY Multi-Sensorial Experience Fest" is covered with a mobile application creating an interactive experience, that incorporates auditory, visual, haptic, and other types of sensory feedback in seven important topics that make a unique proposal with an outstanding content


"You Leave your Mark on me"

  By Analia Bordenave

"Leave your Green Mark

on the Planet"

  By Analia Bordenave







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