Green on Gray Project   

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The GREEN ON GRAY PROJECT created by Analia Bordenave promotes environmental awareness and actions to ensure that a broad audience can be involved in making the cultural shifts needed to move urban communities toward sustainability.


“BLUE MARK by AB" is an environmental project that raises awareness about protecting our natural resources. Our objective is to use participatory and ecological art to create new coral reefs that become public underwater art parks. 

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The "GREEN on GRAY Multisensory Experience Fest" is a multisensorial interactive event to generate environmental awareness through seven topics that engage the five senses of your attendees.

The "GREEN on GRAY Multi-Sensorial Experience Fest" is covered with a mobile application creating an interactive experience.

"Our Green Mark"


By Analia Bordenave

"You Leave your Mark on me"

  By Analia Bordenave

"Leave your Green Mark

on the Planet"

  By Analia Bordenave