ART FOR EVOLUTION provides education about solutions to environmental problems and safe alternatives to threats to the environment through the first Project: GREEN on GRAY (GoG)

The GREEN ON GRAY PROJECT created by Analia Bordenave promotes environmental awareness and actions to ensure that a broad audience can be involved in making the cultural shifts needed to move urban communities toward sustainability.

The GoG Project promotes the GOG Challenge by offering participants the GOG Commitment and also uses GoG Initiatives to involve the public in creative forms of activism, helping them to bring about positive environmental change in a unique and interactive way: “the participatory art.”




The GoG Project offers participants the GOG Commitment: 10 eco-ethical changes to implement in their day to day and reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per year. This GoG Commitment reduces their environmental impact switching a gray mark (pollution) into a GREEN MARK.
Once the participants accepted the GoG Commitment, they use one of their thumbs, painted with green ink, to leave a physical mark on the Participatory Artwork "LEAVE YOUR GREEN MARK FOR THE PLANET" by Analia Bordenave


Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of getting 1 million of commitments for reducing 1 Million tons of CO2.






Created and directed by the artist Analia Bordenave the GOG Initiatives range from the largest proposal to create a LAND ART PARK with 10,000 trees, to such possibilities as hosting an extraordinary GOG MULTISENSORY EXPERIENCE FEST with augmented reality and virtual reality involving the 5 senses, or an impressive GOG CENTER ECO LIFESTYLE created with 77 recycled containers, to art parties to celebrate environmental lifestyle choices.