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Collection 2015-2021
Botanical Canvas - Land Art - SOLart ROOFTOP - LIVING ART ROOFTOP



by AB


The artist and her team carefully plan the design, creation, and maintenance of the Land Art Park. The space is planted with native species, forming a fingerprint mark that will become a park.



by AB

These self-sustaining artworks can bring natural beauty to urban buildings or connect urban spaces to their surrounding landscapes. 



by AB

Solar Panels artwork that can both generate renewable energy and enlighten the public on environmental issues. 


by AB

Analia is trained in advanced hydroponics and creates a unique Botanical Canvas. A vertical ecosystem, entirely composed of living plants, is created on the wall and uses a hydroponic watering system. 


by AB

Analia uses natural materials gathered from the environment to create customized outdoor sculptural installations.

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 I'm AB, and I am a contemporary artist. I love nature, and art is my passion.

In response to environmental threats, I decided to leave the studio and use elements of nature to create artwork that centers on Eco Participatory Art.


Cement and asphalt create an ecological deficit.

My intention is to create a reconciliation pact between nature and urbanization:

I have proposed the formula: Green on Gray.


I invite you to join in on a creative process which generates more green spaces.

I want to go beyond mere contemplation and have you as a co-creator of my ECO ARTwork. Restoring balance to our environment requires joint efforts.

Let's take care of the planet through Eco Participatory Art.




Analia Bordenave



Analia Bordenave



Each Eco Art Work is customized to your preferences. Analia and her team of experts (landscapers, architects and others) study the space and the light, and carefully select species and lighting to create the design and installation of the artwork inside and/or outside your home or office. The Botanical Canvas is built on a solid metal, PVC and non biodegradable felt frame that prevents damage to walls, and allows plants to grow without soil. The Eco Art has a built-in watering system, and requires limited maintenance: removing dead leaves or replacing plants that don’t thrive.

Participatory Eco Art: Analia encourages every individual’s active engagement in protecting the environment through art. ART FOR EVOLUTION, a non profit organization, provides opportunities for reducing each individual’s carbon footprint, including participating in the ECO ARTwork , by contributing trees and/or plants to create a Land

Art Park.

Analia Bordenave



The parks have 5000 to 15,000 native trees, in a space of approximately 30 acres. The park can be in the shape of YOUR fingerprint.

Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of the Park:

1.Design the space

2. Prepare the Space: remove weeds; stabilize the soil; fertilize the area.

3. Construction: digging; planting; organic composting;

4. Care of recently planted trees: Watering; Mulch; Fertilizing; Pruning.

5. Maintenance




Ask for a quote here:


Analia Bordenave


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