Add your GREEN on GRAY

(GoG) Commitment

The artwork offers participants 10 eco-ethical changes to implement in their day to day and reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per year. This GoG Commitment reduces their environmental impact switching a gray mark (pollution) into a GREEN MARK.

Be part of the 1 Million CO2 Reduction Challenge

Leave your Green MARK

Once the participants added their GoG Commitment, they use one of their thumbs, painted with green ink, to leave a physical mark on the art piece and on a participation certificate. Both with a unique PIN number that allows them to identify their unique GREEN MARK in the finished artwork.

Participatory Artwork

Each participant gives an email and takes a picture with the green thumb, for the artistic documentation of the commitment to "Leave a GREEN MARK on the planet" with the Participatory Eco Artwork: 

"Tribute to your Individuality"


Change the World with Art

“Your GREEN MARK becomes an international masterpiece that assembles all those who leave a mark to contributes with their unique gift -their Individuality- to create a better world.”

Analia Bordenave

Your help can make possible Art For Evolution's goal of achieving the promise of reducing 1 million tons of CO2. Be part of our GoG Challenge!

The participatory artwork that raises awareness to generate eco-ethical habits, protecting our natural resources and respecting the Planet.

Harnessing the record-breaking power of the masses, we will create the world's largest participatory artwork at

Guinness World Records. Join us!