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Analia in Climate Reality Leadership Corps training.The Climate Reality Project

Texas August 16/18

We at Art for Evolution are excited to be able to participate in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in August. We will have the opportunity to train and work with former United States Vice President Al Gore and renowned climate scientists and communicators to be updated on the latest information and communication tools.

Check out The Climate Reality Project, founded by Al Gore, and consider the ways you can contribute to a healthier planet and take action, including Art for Evolution. We have several initiatives and projects that we like to call Eco Participatory Art: creative actions and works that provide possibilities for everyone to transform their carbon footprint into a green fingerprint, or positive mark, on the planet. We choose to create a healthier environment through art.

Analia Bordenave, Eco Artist and Founder and President of, uses art as a means of communication, participation, beautification, and transformation, all of which serve to connect us to our nature—both in and around us.  

Leave a “Green Mark” on the planet. Learn more about Eco Participatory Art and how you can make a difference through art.

"RETROSPECTIVE" online exhibition

Jully, 2016

Add News Story hereAnalia Bordenave (b. 1970) . This retrospective is the most comprehensive presentation of Analia’s career to the date, showcasing her prolific output from the mid-2005s to the present through approximately 30 works. This exhibition features Analia’s best-known works alongside rarely seen examples drawn from collections around the world.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2016

December, 2016

The aim of this Eco-Art Performance Is to create environmental awareness that is fun, creative and participatory, so that everyone can start taking steps to help transform their negative carbon footprint or "GRAY MARK " into a clean and sustainable "GREEN MARK," thus preserving the environment now and for future generation.

We invite you to join us in this important, innovative and unique eco-art project to raise environmental awareness to heal and preserve the planet. 

Leave your "Mark" to help us preserve the environment and our planet. Your contribution will help fund our eco-art project 
in ART BASEL Miami Beach 2016
To achieve this goal, we ask for your generous contribution to cover production & PPRR 

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