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Art For Evolution,(AFE) a nonprofit organization whose goal is to generate awareness through art to contribute to the human evolution, presents the "GREEN on GRAY Multi-Sensorial Experience Fest" Created entirely by the founder, ecological artist Analia Bordenave.

AFE proposes a compromise to the community and businesses to reduce 1 Million tons of CO2 per year with the creation of the first environmental interactive event in Miami.

The "GREEN on GRAY Multisensory Experience Fest" is an interactive event to generate 

environmental awareness through seven topics that engage the five senses of your attendees.

The "GREEN on GRAY Multi-Sensorial Experience Fest" is covered with our mobile application creating an interactive experience, that incorporates auditory, visual, haptic, and other types of sensory feedback in seven important topics that make a unique proposal with an outstanding content:

1- TECNO ART EXHIBITION: "Our Green Mark" By Analia Bordenave, a LABYRINTH created with 200 plants and 4300 ft2 for eco-art virtual exhibition with technology VR+AR 

2- CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) WITH ART:  "Leave Your Green Mark on the Planet" By Analia Bordenave, a participatory artwork with the commitment of reducing 1 Million of CO2 tons per year. 

3- MUSIC DJs  for the Planet

4- ART FILM  Open Air Cinema setting for watching exceptional films.

5- ART FOOD Vegan for the Planet

6- ECO ART PERFORMANCE: "You leave your mark on me" By Analia Bordenave


Don’t just look – smell, feel, and listen to artworks.



We believe Eco Participatory Art can change the world. The aim of this "GREEN on GRAY Multi-Sensorial Experience Fest" is:

  • To achieve the "GOG Challenge" the commitment to reduce 1 M CO2 tons per year and create environmental awareness so that everyone can start taking steps to help transform their carbon footprint, "Gray Mark,” into a "Green Mark,” to preserve the environment now and for future generations.

  • Generate funds to build the first GREEN on GRAY Center Eco-LifeStyle, which will be dedicated to educational and collaborative actions that reduce pollution.

By Analia Bordenave

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