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Eco Art Performance 

"My primary passions in life are nature and art. Now I am combining these two passions in an upcoming Eco-Art Performance in support of Art For Evolution (AFE). AFE is a nonprofit charitable organization, whose goal is preserving our environment by compensating the impact of human activity on our planet through art.


The aim of this Eco-Art Performance is to generate environmental appreciation that is fun, creative, and participatory, so that everyone can begin taking steps to help transform their negative carbon footprint, "GRAY MARK ", into a clean and sustainable "GREEN MARK", thereby protecting the environment now and for future generations.


The performance, entitled “LEAVE YOUR GREEN MARK ON THE WORLD”, includes members of the audience who participate and interact with the performers—a diverse group of male and female models who will tour all art fairs, receptions, and events.


During the  Participatory Eco-Art performance, models engage spectators by encouraging their participation and contribution. Participants dip their thumbs in green paint, and then actually leave their thumbprints, or “Green Mark”, on their chosen model's body. The models' bodies, now stamped with dozens of thumbprints, will then be part of an “art intervention," representing the mark that humans leave on the planet.


The performance will be documented with photographs and video footage which will become part of the Eco Performance Art Book "YOU LEAVE YOUR MARK ON ME"


We invite you to join us in this important, innovative, and unique eco-art project to raise environmental awareness to heal and preserve the planet.



      Do your SMALL part

                        for BIG change.

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